Exploring alternatives to Scratch

Scratch is far from being the only alternative for introducing concepts about digital technologies in the classroom. There are numerous alternatives for working with ideas that might be described as computational thinking, computer programming, or in similar terms. In this second half of the semester you are to explore at least two such alternatives, select one, and use it to develop an independent project. If you prefer you may work with one or two colleagues in a small group but you will continue to be responsible for your own contributions on which assessment will be based.

You are free to locate your own alternatives for exploration but the following are offered as possible starting points:

Derived from or otherwise similar to Scratch

Designing for mobile devices

Games development

Office & other tools

Web building and programming

Computer programming

As it has been throughout this section of the course, your focus should be on how what you learn might be applied in the primary school classroom.

Share your experiences and their implications for learning and teaching about digital technologies with your PLN.