Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum

This element of the course is intended to prepare you to work with the Digital Technologies element of the proposed Australian Curriculum in Technologies. The curriculum is still in development (expected to be completed during 2013) and there is naturally some uncertainty about exactly what will be included in the final document. However, it does seem clear that the curriculum will include a digital technologies component addressing topics linked with computational thinking and associated concepts.

Our goal in this section of the course is to explore some options for introducing digital technologies and related concepts in the primary school classroom. As you work through the various activities you should consider how the activities and resources might be used in a primary school classroom.

Students studying on campus will have one hour of each week of classes scheduled in a computer laboratory to facilitate completion of the activities listed below. They can expect to spend a similar amount of time outside of class to prepare for, complete, and reflect on the activities, and engage in associated assessment. Students studying online should expect to spend an equivalent amount of time on this work.

Phase Weeks Activities
1 1, 2 & 3 Introduction to Scratch as a programming environment
2 4 & 5 Extension project work with Scratch
3 11 & 12 Exploring alternatives to Scratch
4 13 - 15 Independent Digital Technologies project

Assessment of learning in this section of the course will be based on

  1. a short report, to be included in the major assignment, describing your explorations and associated interactions with your PLN, and
  2. items in the online quizzes, included in Task 1 and the assignment, related to digital technologies concepts and simple programming in Scratch.