Your task is to consider CSG from various perspectives, develop your own informed opinion, and then express it in a suitable format. You should follow the process as described, participate actively in class discussion (online and/or on-campus as appropriate), and submit for assessment a document (.docx, .doc, or .rtf) comprising three (3) elements:

  Element Length
1 a considered statement of position on the development of Coal Seam Gas resources in Queensland from the perspective of your assigned role 250 words
2 an artefact expressing your informed personal opinion about the development of Coal Seam Gas resources in Queensland using a medium and format suitable for public sharing such as
  • a letter to the editor of a newspaper
  • a letter to a member of parliament or equivalent
  • a poster or flyer suitable for display in a supermarket or other public place
  • an infographic suitable for distribution on the WWW
  • a presentation on SlideShare, Prezi, or a similar service
  • a video with runtime of 60 seconds or less suitable for uploading to a public channel such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or similar
  • an artefact in another format suitable for public dissemination.

If your expression of opinion is in a format other than simple text you should include a URL and/or other information necessary for access.

250 words or equivalent in a non-text format
3 a reflection on your experience of learning using the WebQuest 400 words

Applicable criteria and standards will be found on the evaluation page.