What should we do about Coal Seam Gas?

A WebQuest designed for EDP4130 Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy

The role of the WebQuest in the course

This WebQuest is intended to help you to develop your understanding of technology as a human activity through exploring a current issue related to technology. You will investigate the issue and prepare a brief statement from an assigned perspective, respectfully consider other perspectives, and then develop and express your own informed position on the issue. You will also reflect on your own learning through the activity.

This learning activity also models an approach to inquiry that might be used to support implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Specifically, the activity uses a modified jigsaw pedagogy (Tewksbury, 2013; University of Adelaide, 2013), in which you will research a topic individually, cooperate in an 'expert' group to pool that research, share in a group with 'experts' who have worked on different topics, and develop and express your own position informed by your efforts and those of colleagues.

The assessment (Task 2) that flows from this activity comprises 20% of the course assessment and addresses four of the nine course objectives as follows:
1. Demonstrate understanding of technology as a human activity.
4. Demonstrate knowledge and skills relevant to the content of technology education.
5. Plan, develop, and evaluate learning activities using pedagogies appropriate to technology education.
6. Demonstrate understanding of how ICT can be integrated to enhance learning in technology education.

About WebQuests

The WebQuest concept was developed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March at San Diego State University in the mid-1990s (Dodge, 1997). Their intention was to provide teachers with a model for using the World Wide Web for something more than online scavenger hunts. They proposed a structured pattern for supporting inquiry-oriented learning using the resources on the WWW.

To find out more about WebQuests as supports for learning and to see additional examples visit the WebQuest Portal.


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