Your assessment in this course will be based on professional experience (15 days), three assignment submissions, and an online quiz. Two assessment pieces (Task 1 and Assignment) are associated with a project that will be a major focus of your work for the semester. The table summarises the assessment items.

#ItemMarksWeightDue Notes
1Task 1: Project proposal2020 14 Mar 2016 This assessment task is the first phase of the project. Review the project description for details of requirements.
2Task 2: CSG WebQuest report2020 11 Apr 2016 This assessment task is based on a WebQuest activity which you should review for details of requirements.
3 Assignment: Resources, reviews, & report4444 02 Jun 2016 This assignment is based on the balance of the project. Review the project description for details of requirements.
4Quiz1515 09 Jun 2016 The 30 minute quiz will cover all aspects of the course and will be taken online at any time during the final week of semester prior to the examination period.
PEProfessional Experience11 13 Jun 2016 A 15 day period of professional experience is scheduled for weeks 8 to 10.

Grading scale

Your grades will be awarded using the standard USQ grading scale provided that you achieve a pass in the professional experience component of the course. Failure to achieve a pass in the professional experience component will result in a grade of F for this course.

Total marks< 5050 - 64.464.5 - 74.474.5 - 84.4>= 84.5

Submission of assessment items

Methods for submission may vary from one assessment item to the next. Instructions for submission are provided with the detailed description of each item. Online submissions do NOT require a cover sheet because the system stores all the necessary information and identifies your file.

You will be responsible for ensuring that each submission:

  • is in the required format and appropriately named
  • includes all required components
  • demonstrates appropriate professional standards for presentation
  • is organized to facilitate marking that will achieve your best possible result
  • is submitted by the due time in the required manner.

Assignment extension policy

If you become aware of any difficulty with meeting due dates for assessment in this course, you should contact the course examiner as soon as possible. Explain the nature of the difficulty and the length of the extension that you might require. In cases where there is reasonable justification supported by appropriate documentation it may be possible to approve a short extension.

Where a delay in submitting work for assessment might adversely affect other students, the length of any extension requested should be kept to the bare minimum required to complete the necessary work for submission.

Penalties may apply for assignments that are submitted late without an approved extension. See the course specification for details.

Academic writing standards

All work that you submit for assessment should meet reasonable expectations for academic writing. This includes appropriate English expression with careful attention to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, and accurate acknowledgment of sources using APA guidelines for citation and references where appropriate.

For assistance with academic writing refer to the USQ Learning Centre which offers advice and support to students on campus and at a distance. For assistance with APA referencing refer to the USQ Library APA Referencing Guide.

You should be aware that the USQ Academic Integrity Policy and related procedures provide for significant penalties that apply to misconduct such as plagiarism.