Peer review

As part of the assignment process you will provide peer reviews of the resources developed by peers in each of the technologies subjects. That will be a total of six (6) resources to be reviewed by you - the Design and Technologies resources developed by three peers and the Digital Technologies resources developed by three peers. Assuming that all students meet their obligations then each resource developed by a student will be reviewed by three other students.

The intention is that the feedback provided will assist with finetuning resources to meet the assessment requirements at the highest practicable standard. It will also enable you to see the standard being produced by peers so that you can match or exceed it. The result should be better quality resources for your collection and better outcomes for all.

For the peer reviews to be effective you will need to submit resources that are as near to complete as possible. Your goal should be to allow the reviewer to form an accurate impression of the final product and provide feedback accordingly.

The review process will be managed using the Moodle Workshop module in StudyDesk. The process will run in a series of phases as described below. Note that the images have been taken from a test version of the workshop but they should be a good indication of what you can expect to see. The images have been scaled to fit within the page. You may find it helpful to open images in separate tabs or windows in order to see them at full size.

Submission phase This is the first phase that you will encounter. In this instance a resource has already been submitted so there is a tick mark alongside 'Submit your work'. Clicking on that link will open the submission area where you will be able to submit text, including linked URLs, in a text box using the usual editor and/or a file. The text might comprise a short description of your resource and a link to the URL where it can be accessed. A file might include the resource in a suitable format or some related documentation and URLs where the resource can be accessed. The button marked Edit submission allows a previous submission to be accessed and updated until the due time. Submission phase

When you enter the submission screen there are multiple sections of the form. In this case a previous submission is being edited but the arrangements to submit are similar.

A title is required and your best choice will be to enter the title you have been using for your resource.

You may use either one or both of the text area labelled Submission content and the Attachment area where you can upload a file. If your resource is available online you could provide the URL in the text area along with a brief description. If your resource is in an uploadable file then you might provide a brief description and attach the file.

Once everything is entered and/or uploaded you can click the button to complete your submission.

Workshop submission
Assessment phase

After the due date the system will move to the next phase and you should be automatically assigned three reviews in each workshop.

When you enter the workshop during this phase you should see instructions for undertaking your reviews (assessment) and links to the reviews assigned to you. In this example reviews have not yet been assigned but you can see where they would appear.

Assessment phase

This image shows a preview of the assessment form that will be available for each resource that you are required to review.

The top section replicates the relevant sections from the Assignment marking guide for the appropriate subject, Design and Technologies or Digital Technologies. You are invited to rate each resource for its content relevant to the selected part of the curriculum and for the format of the resource.

The lower section provides a text area where you can enter your own constructive comments about the resource. You should prepare your comments thoughtfully and retain a copy for inclusion in your own assignment submission. Those comments will be used in grading on the two criteria for your peer reviews. The Exemplary standard for those criteria is "The reviews explain practical suggestions for enhancement of content and/or format with appropriate references to curriculum, course objectives and professional standards."

Review form
Grading evaluation phase In this phase the system will compare your ratings of the resources you reviewed with the ratings given by other reviewers. Based on that comparison the system will award a mark for your reviews. We may use that mark, in conjunction with your review comments submitted in your report, to determine your grade for your reviews. At an appropriate time, as soon as possible after the conclusion of the review phase on 27 May, you will have access to the reviews of your work for use in finetuning your resources.