Task 2: CSG WebQuest report

Weight: 20%
Due: 11 April 2016
Length: 900 words

Task description

This assessment task is designed around a WebQuest that explores the issue of Coal Seam Gas development in Queensland as an example of a current controversy linked to technology. Activity associated with the WebQuest will be managed in tutorials for students enrolled on campus and through StudyDesk for online students. It is arranged in 4 phases with the bulk of the activity occurring in Weeks 2 to 4 of the semester but it will be important to become familiar with the material in Week 1 and the final report will need to be completed and submitted for assessment in Week 7. The process page in the WebQuest provides a guide to what you will need to do in each phase.


The task and process pages in the WebQuest contain details of the activities you will complete and the materials that you will be required to prepare and submit for grading. Your submission should be a single document comprising the required elements. Acceptable file formats are, in order of preference, DOCX, DOC and RTF. Depending upon the format you select for your expression of personal position, that part may be included in the submission document, submitted as an additional file in the relevant format, or represented by a URL included in the submission document. Name your submission file simply task2 + the relevant extension, that is, task2.docx, task2.doc, or task2.rtf. The assignment system will ensure that your file is adequately identified. There is no need to add a cover sheet or copy of the marking guide.

Marking guide

The marking guide below reflects the WebQuest evaluation and indicates the standards that will be applied in grading each element: