Join the EDP4130 group in Mahara

Browse to the ePortfolio site and enter your login ID and password to access the Dashboard. Click on the Groups tab on the Dashboard menu.

Mahara dashboard

From the second row of tabs in the Groups tab, click on Find Groups.

Groups menu

Once in the Find Groups screen enter 'EDP4130' in the text box, select 'Groups I'm not in' from the popup, and click on the search button to find the course group.

Find groups

An EDP4130 group has been established for each recent year so you will find more than one. Look down the list for the group identified for 2016. It should have a button that reads 'Request to join this group'. Click that button.

Join group

Your request will be sent to the group administrator who will have to approve your request before you can access the group. Depending on when you request access that may take up to a day or longer but usually happens much more quickly.